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Klaus-Anders Nysteen

Klaus-Anders Nysteen, CEO

A Year of Execution

Hoist Finance came out of 2019 as a stronger company. We adapted to regulatory changes, improved operational efficiency while keeping our business focus to complete several significant acquisitions. We move forward as One Hoist Finance in all our markets with both confidence and optimism, always keeping our customers at the core of our business.

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I'm now very close to the final resolution of my debt and to the end of a troubled period of my life. After many difficulties I was finally able to send the request of the credit waiver letter. Now, I'm feeling more peaceful and calm and I owe this to Hoist Finance! Thank you for patiently suggesting, helping and guiding me to my goal, which is a positive closing of my debt. I could have never solved this alone.

Highlights of 2019

Digital highlights

Launch of customer interaction via RCS and the chatbot Kai in the UK.

Launch of customer interaction via WhatsApp in Italy.

The upgraded customer portal 2.0 implemented in France, Germany, Poland and Spain.


Mitigating actions as an adaptation to regulatory changes 

Successful completion of the first-ever Italian investment grade rated securitisation.

Successful unrated securitisation of Italian NPLs.


Hoist Finance became the second largest debt purchaser in Poland through the acquisition of assets from GetBack.

Acquisition of Italian company Maran Group, adding to Hoist Finance servicing capabilities.

The acquisition of a French non-performing mortgage portfolio, with an outstanding balance of EUR ~375 million, is the largest investment in company history. The transaction also makes us market leading within this segment.

Strategic initiatives

Outsourcing of IT infrastructure.

Continued site consolidation by closing of contact centre in Bayonne, France.

Continued expansion of Shared Service Centre in Wroclaw, Poland.

Initial establishment of a Nearshoring Centre in Bucharest, Romania.

Establishment of a new business area: Retail Banking and Business Development.

Changes in Senior Management and the Board of Directors

Robert Kraal and Lars Wollung elected as new members of the Board of Directors at the AGM. 

Fabien Klecha, Country Manager for France, assumed the responsibility for the Centre of Excellence for Secured NPLs.

Emanuele Reale appointed new Chief Sales Officer.

Key  figures of 2019

Portfolio acquisitions (MSEK)
C/I ratio
Profit before tax (MSEK)
Return on equity

Financial targets



EPS Growth[B]

 15 % CAGR[C]

Cost-to-income Ratio

65 % by 2021

CET1 Ratio

1.75-3.75 %

above regulatory requirements

Dividend policy

Dividend will in the long-term correspond to 25-30% of annual net profit, and will be determined annually, with respect to the company’s capital target and the outlook for profitable growth

A) Net profit for the period adjusted for accrued unpaid interest on AT1 capital calculated on annualised basis, divided by equity adjusted for AT1 capital reported in equity, calculated as an average for the financial year based on a quarterly basis.
B) Adjusted for AT1 costs
C) When comparing 2021 vs. 2018 and excluding items affecting comparability (IAC)

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