Our Strategy

In 2019 we really started to execute on our strategy, which was presented during our Capital Markets Day in November 2018. Despite the regulatory changes that greatly affected Hoist Finance later that year, we feel that the strategy holds ground and we have now started to implement many of the actions set out in the strategy. Although the strategy remains the same, we have this year updated the presentation of the strategic pillars, from six pillars to substantially four pillars. The customer perspective still permeates our whole strategy. 

The Four Pillars of our Strategy

We limit ourselves to a few prioritised markets where we are, or have the potential to become, one of the most important actors. This ensures the greatest market insight and means we can build and maintain strong relationships with our stakeholders. We have a diverse product and service offering in our prioritised markets, including unsecured and secured non-performing loans to individuals and SME's as well as performing loans. Through standardisation and harmonisation of our organisation, we work with best practices rather than local practices. This means that we continuously improve our efficiency and effectiveness.

Our Centres of Excellence for the various asset classes are instrumental in this process. We also acknowledge the untapped potential that digital technology has for our industry, and we are constantly improving our digital and analytics capabilities, in order to serve the customer in the way they want to be served. Finally, our banking platform offers a unique funding model, and the opportunity to engage more broadly with our customers. Our way of working in order to carry out our strategy is characterised by harmonised practices, where we collaborate rather than duplicate, working as one team towards a clear goal and with a united purpose. We call it working as One Hoist Finance. In this way we believe we are best equipped to deliver on our mission to help people keep their commitments and on our promise to be by our customers’ side on their way towards financial inclusion.

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Market leadership

We strive to be in markets where we are, or can become, one of the top three players. This ensures economies of scale and allows for in-depth trusted relationships with our partners.

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Effective & Efficient

Our culture is performance and knowledge driven. We strive for continuous improvement and embrace change, and we always want to be agile and lean, proactive and innovative.

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Digital Leader

We want to be the digital frontrunner and inventor in our industry. Digital By Default is how we execute on this strategic pillar, and means that our digital channels are the preferred choices for us and customers.

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Banking Platform

Thanks to our credit market license, we can offer a deposit service, which in turn provides cheaper funding for our portfolio investments than that of our peers.

- Annual Report 2019 -
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