Continuously improving the understanding of customer needs

Our customers are the core of our business, which is reflected in our mission "Helping people keep their commitments". To help our customers keep their commitments, we know that we need to be equally committed. We promise to stand by our customers’ side all the way, supporting them to deliver on their commitments. How we make sure to do this is described in our CORE commitments.   

In brief CORE stands for 

  • Listening to and understanding the customers needs 
  • Communicating openly and transparently and ensuring that customers understand their options 
  • Identifying the right solutions depending on the situation 
  • Helping employees develop so they are able to give customers the best experience 


Customer Satisfaction surveys 

Whilst we have a range of internal measures that focus on customer experience and treatment, we added customer satisfaction surveys in 2018 to gather feedback directly from our customers. With this we have been able to measure the quality of our customer interactions, mainly in our customer contact centres, for both quality assurance and improvementsGoing forward, with this as a base and input, a standard framework for customer satisfaction management across all our interaction points with customers is under development. The main objective will be to in a consistent way measure customer satisfaction and ensure that our customers are in focus across all of Hoist Finance workstreams 

Through the customer satisfaction surveys we conducted in 2019 we got qualitative feedback from our customers and below are some gathered quotes.

Very satisfied with everything and the outcome thank you

Excellent service, everything I asked about was excellent I cannot ask for any more thank you

Made a difficult experience quite a painless and very happy one

Internal Focus groups 

Our employees should not only believe in our mission “Helping people keep their commitments”, they need to live it. To achieve this we have embedded a structure of internal focus groups, forums and committees throughout the organisation concentrating on the outcomes we achieve for our customers. This gives our employees the chance to review our practices and share feedback, ideas and suggestions, therefore empowering them to contribute to our culture and drive improvement in how we achieve our mission.   

In 2019, 36 focus groups took place in the UK – with 93 improvements actioned!  

Customer complaints process 

Hoist Finance has a group policy outlining our principles for how to handle customer complaints. We have a Customer Complaints Officer on Group level, and each market has appointed local Customer Complaints Officers. The Hoist Finance policy for customer complaints is protecting the customer interests and many of the principles are above the local legal requirements in some countries.  The local customer complaints officers are responsible for reporting regularly to the local management team and the Hoist Finance Chief Operating Officer. To monitor and manage customer complaints, there is a quarterly process that reports the complaints country-wise: the number of complaints, the type of complaint and how they were resolved. The reports are sent to and consolidated by the Group's Customer Complaints Officer, who prepares a quarterly report for the Executive Management Team and the Board's Risk and Audit Committee. 

Debt resolution process overview

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