Our Reporting Logic 

This is Hoist Finance’s third integrated sustainability report, presented annually each accounting year, in accordance with the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) Sustainability Reporting Guidelines, Standard Core option. Our sustainability reporting covers all of our operations, unless otherwise stated. The scope of the sustainability report is presented in the GRI-index below. 
The most recent sustainability report was presented in April 2019. The table of contents found in the GRI-index contains all standard disclosures and the specific disclosures that have been identified as the most relevant to our long-term sustainability targets. 
Please contact Group Head of IR, Andreas Lindblom with questions concerning sustainability. 

Our statutory sustainability report for 2019, pursuant to the Annual Accounts Act, is included in this statutory annual report.

Reference to statutory annual report and sustainability report

The statutory annual report comprises pages 7-9, 21-36, 40-49 and 80-160. The statutory sustainability report in accordance with the Swedish Annual Accounts Act (ÅRL) is included in the statutory annual report and comprises pages 7–9, 21–36 and 40-49.

Key metrics

20192018  2017
We contribute to an inclusive financial ecosystem   
Customer satisfaction, %74 1) 79  N/A 
We uphold the highest ethical standards
Number of confirmed incidents
We create a great place to work (scores in GPTW-survey)
TRUST-index, %686161
Diversity, %898585
Well-beeing, %686258
We combat climate change   
Energy consumption within the organisation, kWh1,873,049 2)2,688,076 3)2,258,212 3)
Direct CO2 emissions, Metric tonnes1093 4)70
Indirect CO2 emissions, Metric tonnes1,107 2) 1,607 3)1,346 3)
Indirect emissions per sq. m. office space, Metric tonnes0.08 2) 0.10 3)0.10 3)
Other indirect GHG emissions, Metric tonnes1,4061,309 5)832 6)
Other indirect emissions per employee, Metric tonnes0.9 0.9 5) 0.7 6)
Amount of letters sent per customer "Baseline"N/AN/AN/A

1) The quality of the customer satisfaction reporting has improved during 2019.
2) Excluding BeNe, Greece and Poland.
3) Excluding BeNE, Greece, London and Spain.
4) Excluding Poland, which is the only market where we have company cars.
5) Excluding Greece and Spain.
6) Excluding Greece, London and Spain.

  • Energy consumption (GRI 302-1) - refers to all electricity purchased for internal office spaces and server halls.
  • Direct GHG emissions (GRI 305-1) - includes all emissions by owned sources, in our case it refers to company cars.
  • Indirect GHG emissions (GRI 305-2) - includes all emission generated from purchased electricity and heating, including data centres in Germany.
  • Other indirect GHG emissions (GRI 305-3, 305-4) - includes all other indirect emissions, which in our case refers to business travel by plane, car or train.

Overview of activities during 2019

 PillarOur Goals Activities 2019  
We combat climate changeReduce indirect and direct Co2 emmissions. Procurement process in place for a groupwide travel agency. Conversion to green energy supplier in most of our markets. 
Reduce paper consumption.Digital customer portals launched.  
Reduce business risks connected to climate change.Pilot in progress with the aim to report back in 2020.
We contribute to an inclusive financial eco-systemExcellence in customer satisfaction. Establishment of groupwide customer communication forum to simplify customer communications. Development of employees within amicable settlements and meeting customer at their need.  
Digital channel development for improved servicing.Digital customer portals launched, new local customeroriented web pages in progress, and other launched digital channels such as Chatbot in the UK and WhatsApp in Italy.
Forming external partnerships with organisations that have new innovative ideas for increased financial inclusion. Established partnership in the Netherlands with the ONS bank to help young people that are outside the financial ecosystem with education about financials and how to find a job. 
 Business Partner satisfaction. Development of a groupwide automatic survey, to be sent out after every transaction/participated tender, to be launched early 2020. 
We create a great place to workEmployee health and well-being.Access to preventative health care programs in all markets.  
 Diversity and equal opportunity.

We have embedded group-wide policies promoting diversity and inclusion throughout our operations and we encourage suppliers and other business partners to do the same.

We ensure all employees have access to parental leave and can return to work, in all markets. 

Gender equality.In all our markets we work to promote equal remuneration for men and women, for work of equal value. 
We uphold the highest ethical standardsStrong customer integrity processes. 

 Decision taken to have at least one DPO per market. There were nine DPOs in total 2019.

GDPR e-learning launched and completed by 86 % during 2019.

Robust framework on anti-corruption practises.

No confirmed incidents reported in 2019.

E-learnings launched and completed by 91 % (Germany not included).

During 2019 a "Corruption risk assesment survey" was sent to all markets, with a response rate of 46 %.

 Sustainable and local sourcing. During 2019 a Group Procurement Officer was recruited and sustainability criteria established in the procurement process. 

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