We contribute to an inclusive financial ecosystem

Target 9:3 – By focusing our business and service development on our current customers, that have ended up in financial distress and giving them a second chance, we provide increased access to financial markets.

Target 10:2 – By helping people pay off their debts, our core business contributes to increased inclusion to the financial ecosystem and in the long-term we influence social norms.

Target 10:5 – We contribute to upholding a healthy financial eco system in all our markets, by supporting our business partners in offloading non-performing debt. We have robust processes to comply with international and national regulations of financial institutions and adhere to international standards, including those preventing money laundering and terrorist financing. We report the business’ own financial information each year, having it independently audited, to ensure transparency, completeness and accuracy.

Target 17:6 – We are a Global Compact signatory.

Target 17:17 – We are looking to engage with external parties, to partner up around financial inclusion in different ways.

- Annual Report 2019 -
- Årsredovisning 2019 -