We create a great place to work

Target 3:4 – To ensure employee health, we support access to preventative health care program for health and well-being. The call center profession can at times be very stressful and therefore we offer access to mental health care and coaching, when needed.
Whenever possible we also offer opportunity for flexible work hours and working from home.

Target 10:1 – In all our markets we work for promoting equal remuneration for men and women, for work of equal value. We respect human rights ensuring non-discrimination.

Target 10:2 – We have embedded policies promoting diversity and inclusion throughout our operations and we encourage suppliers and other business partners to do the same.

Target 10:3 – We respect and support human rights, communicating our expectations in this area to business partners across the supply chain. We have implemented group wide policies ensuring that hiring, placement, remuneration, job assignments and prospects, training and mentorships, performance assessment and advancement, discipline, maternity protection, security of tenure and termination decisions are based on objective factors and are not connected to gender, gender reassignment, age, nationality, ethnicity, sexual orientation, marital / civil partnership status, race, religion and beliefs, and disability. We ensure all employees have access to parental leave and can return to work, whilst at the same time offering flexible working options to promote a good work life balance. We also encourage an inclusive culture and will not tolerate behaviours that breach our policies. We have established a group wide whistle blowing system, offering anonymous grievance mechanisms for all employees which maintains a positive, safe and supportive working environment.

Target 17:17 – To achieve targets around employee health and well-being, we actively develop different external partnerships to create programmes and different initaitives that will engage our employees. Employee pride is also established by forming external partnerships in the local communities and to support our customers, to achieve our goal of giving people a second chance and ensuring that employees can make a positive difference to our customers lives as they stand by their side during difficult times.

- Annual Report 2019 -
- Årsredovisning 2019 -