Hoist in Brief

Hoist Finance was founded in 1994. With over 25 years of experience, we have become one of the leading debt management companies in Europe. We purchase both performing and non-performing loans from our partners, international banks and financial institutions, so that they can free up resources for their respective core business. Apart from helping people getting back on track financially, this also contributes to upholding a sustainable, fair and stable credit market since we help banks to offload their balance sheet so that they can meet their regulatory requirements. 

Hoist Finance is currently operating in thirteen European countries with more than 1,500 employees and is listed on Nasdaq Stockholm since 2015.  

Hoist Finance mission, purpose and personality

Helping People Keep Their Commitments

is our mission and purpose, it is what we do and why we go to work.

By Your Side

is how we see ourselves fulfilling our mission, to always be by our customers' and banking partners’ side, we contribute to inclusion in the financial ecosystem and society as a whole.

Uncomplicated, Helpful and Humane

is our personality. 

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