How we create value

Our business model and strategies are focused on delivering value to all stakeholders


Business model for value creation

Value for our stakeholders

Stakeholders Value ...in numbers 2021


  • Contribute to a healthy financial eco-system.
  • Actions supporting people to pay off their debts and get back to the financial ecosystem.
  • Meet customer needs and societal expectations through our digital developments.

6 SDGs and targets selected 

137 400 people repaid a debt in full 

28% digital collections from customers who can access our digital platform


  • A long-term investment with a healthy dividend and a good value growth.

6,035 Shareholders

-20% return on share


Banks and financial institutions

  • Strengthened financial position and reduced risk exposure. 
  • Increased cash flow, strengthening liquidity.
  • Higher return on equity.
  • Increased focus on core business.

SEK 3,558 million in portfolio acquisitions.

28% of acquisitions within the Secured NPL asset class.

Portfolios aquired from 40 client banks 



  • Sustainable payment plans so that customers can regain control over their finances.

221 100 new payment plans set up
EUR 96 average monthly customer payments 
923 300 customers supported to get back to the financial ecosystem (paid in full, made payment or made payment plan)

Deposit customers

  • Online deposit savings platform in Sweden (HoistSpar), Germany (HoistSparen) and UK (HoistSavings) with competitive interest rates.

77 400 Deposit customers

Up to 2.05% interest rate


Our People

  • Opportunity to work in a stimulating environment with engaging company culture.
  • Opportunities for professional and personal development.

90% response rate in Great Place to Work survey 
76% Trust Index© in Great Place To Work survey

1,100 Managerial educations finalised in Hoist Finance Academy. 

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