Our Strategy and goals

The credit management sector is an important part in the financial system. Solid experience, knowledge of the regulatory environment and presence in thirteen European markets enable us to offer banks and financial institutions extensive support with debt restructuring solutions.

Hoist Finance acquires unsecured and secured NPL portfolios from financial institutions, where the underlying customers are either consumers or small-ticket SMEs. We also acquire performing loan portfolios with the same customer segments in conjunction with acquisitions of NPLs or at times on an opportunistic basis.  The major share of acquired portfolios are serviced by our own debt collection entities. Third party servicing can be considered occasionally when it is beneficial.

Our operating model consists of two main areas:

  • Professional proactive portfolio acquisition and investment processes where risk adjusted ROE is the key factor for determining what to acquire and how to service acquired portfolios
  • Data and analytics driven debt collections, using the most appropriate customer channel and method in order to reach optimal collection performance per customer and overall

The strategy is based on four strategic pillars:

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Return driven investments

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& Efficient

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Digital & data driven

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FSA regulated platform  

Return driven investments

  • Active capital and resource allocation to reach attractive risk-adjusted returns

We acquire portfolios that can generate attractive risk-adjusted return on equity and focus our acquisitions on markets where we have experience and reliable data and statistics. We may also acquire portfolios in other markets where we do not operate customer centers, if attractive third-party servicing agreements can be reached. Portfolio investments are based on thorough analyses including market attractiveness, our own capabilities as well as collection performance, relationships with banks and the competitive situation.

Effective & Efficient

  • Focus on core business and delivering on performance enhancement

We focus on profitability, return on equity and earnings growth. We concentrate on our core business and strive to do the right things in the right way at the right time. Key metrics are cost to collect and follow-up on results and achievements. To provide a more flexible cost-base, we sometimes partly outsource collections of portfolios. Best practice sharing and a common view on how to operate have significant impact on performance.

    Digital & data driven

    • Operations based on data insights and digital solutions

    Our vast data on customers and their behavior, combined with strong analytics, is what we use to determine the approach towards each customer. We do so to ensure the best possible solution for each customer, which is the key to collection performance. We strive for the best balance between on one side a local approach to improve collections strategies and the use of communications channels. On the other side we leverage our strength of being a pan European financial institution to centrally develop and invest in machine learning and AI, which are cornerstones of Hoist’s company wide digital strategy. This strategy aims at strengthening Hoist’s digital solutions towards our customers, as well as automation to increase operational efficiency.

      FSA regulated platform

      • Exploiting funding cost advantage and understanding of banking clients’ challenges

      Hoist Finance has been a credit institution regulated by the Swedish FSA (Financial Supervisory Authority) since 1996. This has provided access to low-cost funding through bank deposits, which represents a cost advantage relative to our peers. It is valuable in commercial situations and a quality stamp given the extensive regulatory requirements a banking licence involves. 

      Financial targets



      EPS Growth[B]

      15 % CAGR[C]

      Cost-to-income Ratio

      <65% by 2023

      CET1 Ratio


      above regulatory requirements

      Dividend policy

      Dividend will in the long-term correspond to 25-30% of annual net profit, and will be determined annually, with respect to the company’s capital target and the outlook for profitable growth

      A) Net profit for the period adjusted for accrued unpaid interest on AT1 capital calculated on annualised basis, divided by equity adjusted for AT1 capital reported in equity, calculated as an average for the financial year based on a quarterly basis.
      B) Adjusted for AT1 costs
      C) When comparing 2023 vs. 2019 and excluding items affecting comparability (IAC)

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