Our customers

Hoist Finance’s customers are individuals and SMEs with non-performing or performing loans. We help customers by setting up sustainable repayment plans to help them get back into the financial ecosystem.

Hoist Finance also offers savings accounts with fixed and flexible interest rates to customers in Sweden, Germany and the UK. Hoist Finance deposit customers are covered by the deposit guarantee scheme, which in Sweden corresponds to SEK 1.050.000.

Our customer approach

We have many years of experience helping individuals to get back on track and regain control of their financial situation. We know that not all customers are equally willing or able to repay their debts and over the years we have learned about the obstacles our customers face. Thus, we offer tailored solutions based on customers’ individual circumstances and strive to make the interests of our customers a cornerstone of the joint solutions we seek. Whenever a customer is in contact with Hoist Finance, they can rely on being treated in a responsible, humane, and ethical way, with understandable communications and customised solutions. Keeping to our values, vision and mission, we have found that our ability to collect has improved over time and that outcomes are better for all parties.

Collection process overview

Our agents contact customers by phone, letter, email and sometimes personal visits to negotiate a payment plan. Our goal is to work with amicable settlements which means that we help our customers to set up realistic and sustainable payment plans individually tailored to their unique financial situation. If there are no preconditions for an amicable settlement, it will turn in to a legal process. We are consistent in our customer approach, whether it concerns an amicable payment plan or a legal repayment solution.

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