Excellence in Customer Experience

Customer experience – self assessment

An important part of successful debt collections builds on our ability to create trust with our customers. To enable us to continuously improve our customer interactions, Hoist Finance has created a framework and process for measuring customer experience through a self-assessment questionnaire at specific customer touchpoints. It has been successfully tested in select markets during 2021 and will be implemented in 2022.

Vulnerable customers principles

The treatment of vulnerable customers is an important aspect and is highlighted further by the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic. Vulnerabilities are based on individual circumstances such as mental health, long-term illness, and financial shock. Treating customers with appropriate levels of care can improve customer well-being, help us to develop sustainable arrangements, and attract less complaints.  It is vital that we have effective processes in place to identify signs of potential vulnerability and the impact it has on their ability to repay their debt. In 2021, we updated our Vulnerable Customer Definition and Principles, meaning that we now have a common way of working with vulnerability across markets. 

Customer complaints

A well-functioning process for handling complaints provides the customers with a means to look after their own interests. Our group policy is to inform customers, in an appropriate manner, regarding the handling of complaints and how the customer can submit complaints. Customers will also be informed of any guidance which can be obtained from external consumer organisations and agencies as well as through local municipal consumer guidance authorities.

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