Customer testimonial

Can you describe your situation when Hoist Finance first contacted you?

At the first stage I hadn't enough money to cope with your request. I had to wait to the end of another financial transaction to be able to make a repayment proposal. Your availability to wait for me was crucial to achieve a positive closure.

How did you end up in your financial situation?

I had more than one opened dossier (not only with your company), I ended up in financial difficulties following the financial crisis of 2008 when I was self-employed.

How were you treated by our Customer Contact Representative?

My experience was completely positive: I felt empathy and respect from the agent despite my circumstance. Communications was also very clear; furthermore, the politeness of the contact centre’s agents who answered my calls has been essential.

Did you get the support you needed?

I made a proposal of repayment that the collector submitted. Later, I was contacted via email to confirm its acceptance.  You have been flexible, clearly within the granted limits, and from the other side, I think I've been precise in sticking to the agreement we made.

Do you have any advice you would like to give to other people in a similar situation?

Among the debt collection companies I've heard about and that I dealt with for my other dossiers, you have proven to be the most professional. The cooperation is crucial because, when you get in touch with the customer, he is already very stressed. If I would hear someone talking about Hoist Finance, I will express my positive notes and suggest him/her to rely on you to find a solution.

Vincenzo, 56 years old, Italy

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