A full spectrum of customer self-service offerings

In 2021, Hoist Finance introduced a full spectrum of customer self-service offerings.

Meet the fictive customer called Sandra, who is a German customer newly onboarded and who has an unsecured debt.

We first get in touch with Sandra by letter, SMS or email inviting her to to create an online account. Our new online registration process provides 25 per cent more efficiency in the digital onboarding process, is more secure and improves future communications with customers by capturing and confirming contact data.

Utilising our data modelling, Sandra is suggested with a payment plan tailored for her financial situation. Just like 25 per cent of other customers, she selects the suggested payment plan. Although Sandra could have used new digital payment solutions such as Blik, PayPal, Apple Pay or Google Pay, she decided to go for a manual payment every month.

The following month, Sandra receives an SMS reminder with a one-time link for a quick access to a monthly payment interface. In less than one minute she can pay her instalment. In a few months Sandra will receive an email proposing to review her plan, with a new suggested amount that highlights the benefits of accelerating her payments. Hence, she could be debt free faster, whilst still having the flexibility to review her plan at any time. The new suggested payment plan has up until now led to a 35 per cent conversion rate.

If at any time Sandra has questions, the chatbot, can assist her 24/7. However, she can always choose to use our agent assisted service in our contact centres if she prefers.

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