Our market position

Debt buyers include firms whose business model focuses on the purchase of debt, as well as collection agencies and firms who collect both on debt owned by others as well as debt they purchase and own themselves. In addition, some firms are passive debt buyers—investors that buy and resell portfolios but do not engage in actual debt collection themselves.

For over 20 years, Hoist Finance has focused mainly on the acquisition of NPL portfolios. This distinguishes us from many of our competitors, which have evolved from being solely collection companies (i.e. collecting on behalf of a third party). We are a full-service as well as a banking model actor on the debt purchase market. Several of our closest debt collector competitors are mainly in the full-service group.

 Debt purchase market landscape 

  • Large industry players with integrated servicing platforms in multiple countries
  • Have tended to grow expertise through M&A transactions
  • Competing at the larger end, but not seeking to compete directly with PE
Asset specialists 
  • Smaller, more specialist companies targeting a specific asset class 
  • Typically tend to operate in one or a small number of jurisdictions 
  • Candidates for M&A, being absorbed by the full service companies 
Banking model 
  • Players who use banking model to fund their acquisitions 
  • Well placed to manage more complex assets (performing, corporate, UtP) 
  • May be a platform to develop into a true challenger bank 
  • Focus on servicing relationships, with fewer assets on balance sheet 
  • May complement servicing revenues with some portfolio acquisitions 
  • Look for strategic partnerships: selling banks, investors, securitisation etc. 

Private equity 


  • (Very large) investors who typically target a smaller number of high value deals 
  • May acquire servicing platforms, but treat these more as parallel investments  
  • Typically more visible in SME, corporate and secured NPL markets  


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