Our people, our culture  

Hoist Finance strives to be the industry’s best place to work. We are a proud culture-oriented company and our employees are at the heart of our organization. We want to offer the best work environment and equal opportunities to develop, and we deeply believe that an investment in our people translates to an investment in our customers’ experience and their financial freedom.

Our organisational structure has clearly defined processes, and clear roles and responsibilities are focused on one thing: working effectively together as a unified company adopted to local conditions.

It is always important to seek the advantages we have being a large corporation, and in some ways that became clearer during the pandemic. That doesn’t mean that one size fits all. Solutions that are made at group level need to be tweaked to the local markets. There are big differences between the markets to take into consideration, such as regulations, culture and different ways of talking to the customers. We need to pay equal attention to local and global needs and opportunities.

Employee health and well-being 

Mental health and well-being have been at the core of our approach to practically handle Covid-19.

We have developed a number of training resources, educating all employees on how to work effectively in a hybrid working model. Our hybrid way of working enables our employees to have more flexibility in how they manage their work-life balance. It is important to get this balance right, and we are accountable for providing a framework where our employees feel supported and trusted. We have also developed supporting tools and trainings to identify when our employees may be suffering from mental health issues, so that our managers and people leaders are well equipped to offer support and guidance. Hoist Finance’s management of the pandemic increased employee loyalty, productivity, and engagement, which has been proven through the results of a recent internal survey. Even though our markets have moved at different speeds following local government guidelines, we have remained consistent in the way we have treated employees through communication and support.

When the pandemic hit the world in early 2020, we needed to adapt quickly to a new reality. To transform the physical culture that they were used to, our management teams at Hoist Finance set up digital townhall meetings, buzz sessions, calls, videos, and activities such as mental health guest speaker seminars, digital team-building activities and stress management courses.

Mental health week UK

During the 4th to the 8th of October, Hoist Finance UK engaged in a Mental Health Week. The purspose was to increase awareness about mental health, to facilitate conversations about mental health, and to provide supporting tools for improving employees’ mental health. Activities were held each day. One example of the daily activities was an excersize on self compassion, focusing on paying attention to ones inner critic and understanding how to deal with it. Also, a new mindfulness session was held every day during the week. Furthermore, communication on the UK 2021 Mental Health Champions in the office went out to all colleagues. The Mental Health Champions are supporters in the office to help colleagues in any given situation or challenge related to mental health and well-being.

Career and skills development 

In a world where digitalisation and change are proceeding at a rapid rate, the skills and well-being of our people remains a key focus. We continue to build on technology to create a stimulating and innovative environment that ensures that our people are constantly developing. Digital training solutions have been an area of growing expertise, supporting employees during the transition to hybrid working arrangements and a new operational structure.

During 2021 Hoist Finance has introduced a new accessible learning platform encouraging curiosity to improve. The learning platform aim at personal development with topics ranging from Health and Wellbeing to Finance for non-Financial Managers.

We also moved our employee mandatory trainings to our new platform Youniverse, creating an accessible digital experience with new content. During 2021, 96% of employees across the group have completed mandatory training modules. In total, 19278 hours of training was completed across the company, using a variety of different methods, which results in an average of 12 hours per colleague.

We continue to invest in our people with the creation of a talent module in our new digitalized employee appraisal process that will enhance the dialogue between manager and employee, support individual development, retain talent and create a clear succession planning during 2022. Our employees and future employees will have access to clear career paths and development programmes as well as mobility opportunities across functions and countries where appropriate. During 2021, 100% of our employees received regular performance and career development reviews.

Diversity and equal opportunity

Hoist Finance believes that everyone has equal value and the right to equal treatment, with the same employment conditions, skills development and promotion that underpins all its management practices. Our commitment to fostering and preserving a culture of diversity and inclusion is supported by our Diversity Policy. Pay is based on industry, local market and collective agreements and is reviewed annually.

Our Diversity and Inclusion Committee is made up of representatives from across the group with the common goal of identifying our challenges and opportunities and to define a package of solutions to improve our overall culture. During 2021, the committee have identified focus areas for our work and related activities, such as the need for unconscious bias training, more transparent recruitment processes and more conversation around the gender split in senior management. Action plans are currently under review and includes the removal of names on CVs and interviews, annual trainings and supporting documents related to our diversity focus areas.

Gender equality - Getting inspired by rugby

In March 2021, Aurélie Arquier, who has 15 years of operational management experience in two industrial multinationals and as a rugby player, held a workshop for Hoist Finance France to raise awareness on women’s rights. The conference, presented to 20 employees in various positions, made a parallel between the evolution of women’s rugby teams and the behaviors we can observe in companies.

The workshop featured issues such as representation and silencing the imposter syndrome, which affects women to a greater extent than men. The workshop also gave input to Hoist Finance’s Diversity Committee and how to structure and measure our work to orchestrate change.

Great Place to Work®

We initiated a collaboration with the company Great Place to Work in 2016 to measure the development of our corporate culture and work environment over time. Great Place to Work conducts one of the world’s largest employee surveys and ranking programmes and provides tools to support and prioritise development areas as well as to understand employee perceptions and experiences of the company. The survey also measures how far Hoist Finance has come in implementing company values.

During 2021 Hoist Finance has been certified as a Great Place to Work in eight out of the 12 countries where we have employees, and we have reached a listing in Sweden and Italy, giving us a high rank in comparison with companies in similar size in each market. Find results from the GPTW employee survey 2021 in the Sustainability Reporting Section.


Hoist Finance empower employees to report misconduct, unethical or illegal behaviours through a whistleblowing mechanism. Our Whistleblowing Policy furthermore states that any harassment, including sexual harassment, bullying and/or victimisation is unacceptable. The procedures of our whistleblowing mechanism are included in annual e-learnings for all employees. 

Hoist Finance’s whistleblowing mechanism, provided by an independent external supplier, consists of a web-based encrypted whistleblowing system, available at all times to all Hoist Finance’s employees in seven different languages. All employees can access the system to report anonymously, and all concerns raised will be treated with strict confidentiality, ensuring that anyone raising a concern will not be penalised or victimised in any way. Access to messages received through our whistleblowing channel is restricted to appointed individuals and reports are managed on a case-by-case basis. If an investigation needs to be initiated, necessary actions are taken internally or reported to external authorities if needed.

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