Our people in figures

At 31 December 2021, Hoist Finance had 1544 employees in 12 countries. Additional data related to our people are presented below and is based on the total number of full-time equivalents (FTEs) in each category by the 31 December 2021, if not stated otherwise. Supplementary information about the division of employees per market can be found in Note 9

The majority of our people are full-time employees, but some have part-time contracts. Numerous of our part-time employees work in our customer centers and many of them combine work and studies. Another factor for working part-time is also working with childcare at home. 

Information on employees and other workersTotal 2021Women 2021Men 2021Total 2020Women 2020Men 2020
Total number of employees (FTEs) 1544 905 639 1631 979652 
Total number of employees (headcounts)         1733             1069          664          1798                1122           676
Average number of employees, 2021 1586 942 644 1615 949 666
Total number of employees with permanent contract 1349 793 556 - - -
Total number of employees with temporary contract 195 113 82 - - -
Total number of employees with full-time contract 1219650 569 - - -
Total number of employees with part-time contract 325 255 70 - - -
Total number of employees in consultant roles/agency workers, FTEs  51,5 - - - - -


Various diversity metrics for Hoist Finance are presented below. Here, all data are presented based on headcounts, as we aim to use FTEs when analysing efficiency but headcounts when analysing demographics and diversity. Find more information about the diversity of our Parent Company Board of Directors here

In addition to information about the diversity among employees, management and Board of Directors, we are also eager to track the pay ratio and parental leave discrepancies based on gender over time to measure progress. As seen in the table below, female salaries are lower than male salaries, which largely depend on women being less represented in management positions. During 2021, 1645 Hoist Finance employees were entitled to parental leave, and 100 employees started a cycle of parental leave. Out of these employees, 80 were women and 20 were men.

Diversity among Board of Directors, management and employees202120202019
Percentage of employees, women62%62%59%
Percentage of managers, women48%53%45%
Percentage of executives, women 45%--
Percentage of Parent Company Board of Directors, women 25%57%50%
Ratio: Median Female Salary to Median male Salary0,85:1--

Age distribution among employees and managers

Employees 2021

Managers 2021
>50 12%17%

People turnover and sick leave

The staff turnover for 2021 is presented below. The reason for the gradual decrease in staff turnover since 2019 depends mainly on how we have handled the pandemic and provided larger opportunities to work in a hybrid work model. During 2021, 60 per cent of new employees were women and 40 per cent were men. Divided on age, 26 per cent were under 30 years old, 63 per cent were between 30-50 years old, and 11 per cent were over 50 years old. 

Short-time absence due to illness increased since 2020, but remains lower than before Covid-19, as the development below demonstrates. The reason for the higher rate in 2021 compared to 2020 was that more people returned to our offices, while in 2020 many employees worked only from home. During 2021, there was one reported work-related injury among all employees. 

Turnover and sick leave202120202019
Staff Turnover (%) 25,5% 26,3%29,9%
Sick leave (%) 2,85% 2,62%3,31%

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