Auditor’s report on the statutory sustainability statement

To the general meeting of the shareholders of Hoist Finance AB (publ), corporate identity number 556012-8489

Engagement and responsibility

It is the Board of Directors who is responsible for the statutory sustainability statement for the year 2021 pages 46–70 and that it has been prepared in accordance with the Annual Accounts Act.

The scope of the audit

Our examination has been conducted in accordance with FAR’s auditing standard RevR 12 The auditor’s opinion regarding the statutory sustainability statement. This means that our examination of the corporate governance statement is different and substantially less in scope than an audit conducted in accordance with International Standards on Auditing and generally accepted auditing standards in Sweden. We believe that the examination has provided us with sufficient basis for our opinions.


A statutory sustainability statement has been prepared.

Stockholm 15 March 2022
Ernst & Young AB

Daniel Eriksson
Authorized Public Accountant

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