Consolidated income statement

SEK mNot20202019
Interest income acquired loan portfolios calculated using the effective interest rate method43,302 3,359
Other interest income 1)4-2
Interest expense4-582 -494
Net interest income42,726 2,863
Impairment gains and losses5-458 120
Fee and commission income693 121
Net result from financial transactions7-6 -79
Derecognition gains and losses7-1 -9
Other operating income814 22
Total operating income2,368 3,038
Personnel expenses9-862 -875
Collection costs10-734 -787
Other administrative expenses10-613 -568
Depreciation and amortisation of tangible and intangible assets20.21-134 -122
Total operating expenses 2,343 -2,352
Net operating profit/loss25 686
Share of profit from joint ventures1157 62
Profit/loss before tax 82 748
Income tax expense-41 -143
Net profit/loss for the year 41 605
Profit/loss attributable to:  
Owners of Hoist Finance AB (publ)-45 542
Additional Tier 1 capital holders86 63
Basic and diluted earnings per share SEK 14-0.5 6.07

1) Of which interest income calculated using the effective interest income method amounted to SEK 1.7m (5.5).

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