Consolidated income statement

SEK mNote20212020
Interest income acquired loan portfolios calculated using the effective interest rate method43,0063,302 
Other interest income 1)4-2
Interest expense4-574-582 
Net interest income42,4302,726 
Impairment gains and losses5-338-458 
Fee and commission income66393 
Net result from financial transactions782-7 
Other operating income81814 
Total operating income2,2552,368 
Personnel expenses9-867-862 
Collection costs10753-734 
Other administrative expenses10-606-613 
Depreciation and amortisation of tangible and intangible assets20.21-129-134 
Total operating expenses -2,3552,343 
Net operating profit/loss-10025 
Share of profit from joint ventures116157 
Profit/loss before tax -3982 
Income tax expense-78-41 
Net profit/loss for the year -11741 
Profit/loss attributable to: 
Owners of Hoist Finance AB (publ)-207-45 
Additional Tier 1 capital holders9086 
Basic and diluted earnings per share SEK 14-2.32-0.5 

1) Of which interest income calculated using the effective interest income method amounted to SEK -0.1m (1.7).

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