Consolidated cash flow statement

SEK mNote20212020
Profit before tax -3982
of which, paid-in interest 3,0023,321
of which, interest paid -530-449
Adjustment for other items not included in cash flow  
   Depreciation and amortisation on tangible and intangible assets129134
   Unrealised component of net income from financial transactions-89-9
   Impairment gains and losses338458
   Unrealised gains on shares and participations in joint ventures814
   Increase/decrease in accrued interest income and interest expense42146
   Increase/decrease in provisions-5-21
   Derecognition gains and losses41
   Other items-165-13
Adjustment for items included in investing activities  
   Realised result from divestment of loan portfolios-11
   Realised result from divestment of shares and participations in joint ventures -66-58
Income tax paid -100-62
Amortisations on acquired loan portfolios 3,6853,164
Increase/decrease in other assets and liabilities -2601,021
Cash flow from operating activites 3,4814,857
Acquired loan portfolios -3,558-1,715
Investments in bonds and other securities -1,109-2,069
Divestments of bonds and other securities1,691751
Other cash flows from investing activities -20-33
Cash flow from investing activities -2,996-3,066
Deposits from the public 117-3,272
Debt securities issued 942,018
Repurchase and repayment of Debt securities issued -1,517-1,454
Additional Tier 1 capital -414
Interest paid on Additional Tier 1 capital -90-60
Acquisition agreement for treasury shares --8
Amortisation of lease liabilities -52-48
Cash flow from financing activities32-1,448-2,410
Cash flow for the year -963-619
Cash at beginning of the year 1) 4,5765,261
Translation difference 12-66
Cash at end of the year 2)3,6254,576

1) As from 2020 the definition of ‘cash and cash equivalents’ in the cash flow statement has been changed to exclude lending to credit institutions in securitisation vehicles and pledged bank balances. Adjustment to cash at beginning of 2020 totalled SEK -543m. 


2) Cash and cash equivalents in cash flow statement

 SEK m31 Dec 202131 Dec 2020 
 Treasury bills and Treasury bonds1,5762,411
 Lending to credit institutions2,480 2,526
excl. lending to credit institutions in securitisation vehicles-301-254
excl. pledged bank balances-130 -107
 Total cash and cash equivalents in cash flow statement3,625  4,576

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