Parent Company balance sheet

SEK mNote31 Dec 202131 Dec 2020
Treasury bills and Treasury bonds15,171,5762,411 
Lending to credit institutions15,171,4671,611 
Lending to the public15,173
Acquired loan portfolios15,17,186,3606,755 
Receivables, Group companies15,16814,402 
Bonds and other securities15,173,5024,082 
Shares and participation in subsidiaries19863816 
Shares and participation in joint ventures11711 
Intangible assets20194187 
Tangible assets213035 
Other assets23320462 
Deferred tax assets137
Prepaid expenses and accrued income245055 
Total assets 29,54730,834 

LIABILITIES AND EQUITYNote31 Dec 202131 Dec 2020 
Deposits from the public15,17,1818,16917,928 
Debt securities issued13,15,284,6055,959 
Tax liabilities1314596 
Other liabilities25818890 
Deferred tax liabilities130
Accrued expenses and deferred income266694 
Subordinated debts13,15,28837821 
Total liabilities and provisions 24,67525,828 
Untaxed reserves12285277 
Restricted equity 
Share capital3030 
Statutory reserves 1313 
Revaluation reserve 7172 
Development expenditure fund 0
Total restricted equity 114117 
Non-restricted equity  
Additional Tier 1 capital holders 1,1061,106 
Share pemium 1,8831,883 
Reserves 3
Retained earnings 1,5341,366 
Profit/loss for the year -53255 
Total unrestricted equity 4,4734,612 
Total equity 4,5874,729 
Total liabilities and equity 29,54730,834 

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