Five-year overview

Consolidated income statement in summary

SEK m20212020201920182017
Total operating income2,2552,3683,0382,8292,365
of which net interest income2,430 2,7262,8632,4352,329
Total operating expenses-2,355-2,343-2,352-2,146-1,860
Profit before tax-3982748755581
Net profit for the year-11741605590453

Consolidated balance sheet in summary

SEK m20212020201920182017
Cash and lending to credit institutions2,4802,526 3,0751,1871,681
Treasury bills and treasury bonds1,5762,411 2,7292,6531,490
Lending to the public3101437
Acquired loan portfolios21,33721,075 24,30320,60514,766
Bonds and other securities3,5024,082 2,7693,6353,689
Shares and participations in joint ventures155160 201215238
Fixed assets565620 651446329
Other assets754984 649500307
Total assets30,37231,864 34,38729,25522,537
Deposits from the public18,16917,928 21,43517,09313,227
Other liabilities and provisions7,2628,778 8,0547,7496,082
Equity4,9415,158 4,8984,4133,228
Total liabilities and equity30,37231,864 34,38729,25522,537

Key ratios, Group1)

SEK m20212020201920182017
C/I ratio, %10297 767476
Return on equity, %-5-1 131615
Return on assets, %-0.40.1
Collection performance, % 2)10198---
Portfolio acquisitions3,5581,761 5,9528,0484,253
Gross 180-month ERC 3)32,90032,763 38,87433,602
Total capital ratio, %15.1616.49 14.0114.1417.71
CET1 ratio, %9.5610.76 9.949.6611.70
Liquidity reserve7,1198,652 8,0247,3996,800
Number of employees (FTEs)1,5441,631 1,5751,5561,335

1) See definitions.

2) Collection performance was introduced during 2021, comparative figures for 2020 has been calculated. 

3) Estimated Remaining Collections, before 2019 this key ratio was calculated at 120 months.

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