Note 19 – Shares and participations in subsidiaries

Legal structure

The Hoist Finance Group with its most important subsidiaries and branches as at 31 December 2021.

Hoist Finance AB (publ), corporate identity number 556012-8489 and with its registered office in Stockholm, is the Parent Company of the Group. The list of Group subsidiaries is provided below.

Ownership percentage corresponds to share of voting power. All shares are unlisted. No registered credit market company. Information on the number of shares in Group companies is available upon request.

SEK mCorp. ID no.Registered officeOwnership, %Carrying value 31 Dec 2021
Hoist Finance Services AB 4)556640­9941Stockholm1000
HECTOR Sicherheiten­Verwaltungs GmbH 4)HRB 74561Duisburg1000
HOIST I NS FIZ 2)RFI702Warszawa100-
Hoist Kredit Ltd.7646691London1000
Hoist Finance UK Ltd.8303007Manchester100335
C L Finance Ltd. 1)1108021Manchester100 -
Robinson Way Ltd.6976081Manchester100 -
The Lewis Group Ltd. 1)SC127043Glasgow100 -
Compello Holdings Ltd. 1)8045571Manchester100 -
Compello Operations Ltd. 1)8045559Manchester100 -
MKE (UK) Ltd. 1)7042157Manchester100 -
MKDP LLP 1)OC349372Manchester100 -
Marte SPV S.r.l. 4634710265Conegliano100 0
Hoist Italia S.r.l.12898671008Rom10022
Hoist Finance Cyprus Ltd.HE 338570Nicosia100 0
Hoist Polska SpZ.O.O536257Wroclaw100147
Hoist Finance Spain S.L.B87547659Madrid100359
Optimus Portfolio Management S.L.B86959285Madrid100 -
Hoist Hellas S.A137777901000Athens10011
Nais Uno Reoco S.r.l.14564684007Rom1003
Hoist III NS FIZ 2) 292229Warszawa100 -
Immobilière de Lancereaux SAS2018B20590Paris100 0
Hoist Finance UK Holdings 1 Ltd.11473838Manchester100 -
Hoist Finance UK Holdings 2 Ltd.11473850Manchester100 -
Hoist Finance UK Holdings 3 Ltd.11473909Manchester100 -
Hoist II NS FIZ 2)RFi1617Warszawa100 -
Hoist Finance Romania S.r.l41830400Bucharest100 6
Marathon SPV S.r.l 5048650260Conegliano100 -
Maran CSRO S.r.l 4)35910220Bucharest100-
Giove SPV S.r.l 05089700263Conegliano100-
Hoist Finance Austria Gmbh FN544345hMooslackengasse1000
Hoist Cyprus Properties Ltd. 3)HE 423727Nicosia100-
HF Cyprus Properties I Ltd. 3)HE 424747Nicosia100-
HF Cyprus Properties II Ltd. 3)HE 424829Nicosia100-
Hoist TFI S.A 3)937877Wroclaw1004
Hoist Finance Procurement AB 3)5593337909Stockholm10020

1) The company is being liquidated. 

2) Polish Sec. fund.   

3) Companies added during the year.

4) Liquidated during the year.

SEK m20212020
Accumulated acquisition value  
Opening balance1,171950
Absorbed through merger--43
Acquired through merger-43
Capital contribution91221
Closing balance1,2681,171
Accumulated depreciations  
Opening balance-355-143
Hedge fair value 1)22-97
Closing balance-406-355
Closing balance863816

1) For additional information see Accounting principles section 22.8 ”Hedge accounting” and Note 16 ”Derivatives”.

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