Note 21 – Tangible assets

 Group 31 Dec 2021Parent Company 31 Dec 2021
SEK mLand and buildingsEquipmentProperties repossessed for protection of claimsTotalEquipmentTotal
Opening balance25712259528138138
Investments for the year-221812822
Divestments and disposals0-60-600
Translation differences7071422
Acquisition value23724278539152152
Opening balance-710-195-266-103-103
Depreciation for the year-39--26-65-14-14
Divestments and disposals0-0000
Translation differences-30-5-8-2-2
Accumulated depreciation-1080-226-334-122-122
 GROUP, 31 dec 2020PARENT COMPANY, 31 dec 2020
MSEKLand and buildingsEquipmentProperties repossessed
for protection of claims
Opening balance23524011486123123
Investments for the year39364791616
Acquired companies-0-044
Divestments and disposals-5-4-3-12-1-1
Translation differences-12-130-15-4-4
Acquisition value25725912528138138
Opening balance-38-1790-217-94-94
Depreciation for the year-41-29--70-12-12
Acquired companies-0-0--
Divestments and disposals52-700
Translation differences31101433
Accumulated depreciation-71-1950-266-103-103
Carrying amount18664122623535

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