Note 35 – Related-party transactions

The Group conducted transactions during the year with joint venture companies Best III and PQH Single Special Liquidation S.A. As at the balance sheet date, Parent Company Hoist Finance AB (publ) had receivables from these companies totalling SEK 6m (6). Revenues from joint ventures totalled SEK 66m (71) for the Parent Company and SEK 61m (57) for the Group. No costs were recognised for joint ventures during the year, and no liabilities to joint ventures were recognised as at the balance sheet date.

For additional information on these companies, please refer to Note 11, "Shares and participations in Joint Ventures".

No transactions with senior executives or board members were conducted during the year, apart from salaries and other remuneration. Information on remuneration and benefits for these persons is presented in Note 9, "Personnel Expenses".

No transactions have otherwise taken place between the Group and related parties that have affected the Group’s position and results.

Parent Company

Parent Company Hoist Finance AB (publ) has controlling influence over its subsidiaries; see Note 19, "Shares and participations in subsidiaries". The following related-party transactions were conducted during the year between the Parent Company and other Group companies.

SEK m20212020
Receivables on balance sheet date15,078 14,402
Liabilitites on balance sheet date525 493
Interest income582 660
Interest expenses-8 -9
Dividend received- 302
Other operating income251 250
Other operating expenses-121-154

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