Note 38 – Appropriation of profits

According to the Parent Company's balance sheet, the following unappropriated earnings are at the disposal of the Annual General Meeting:

Share premium1,882,891,946
Retained earnings1,534,674,487
Net profit for the year-52,915,060
Total 1)3,367,597,991

1) Unrealised changes in assets and liabilities at fair value have had a net impact on equity of SEK -64m in accordance with Chapter 4, section 14 of the Swedish Annual Accounts Act.

The Board of Directors proposes that unappropriated earnings be distributed as follows:

To be carried forward3,367,597,991

The Board of Directors propose to the Annual Shareholders meeting 2022 that no dividend will be paid to the shareholders for the financial year 1 January - 31 December 2021, as the net result for the year is negative.

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