Note 4 – Net interest income

 GroupParent Company
SEK m2021202020212020
Interest income/Net revenues  
Acquired loan portfolios calculated using effective interest rate method3,0063,302 9471,040 
Total interest income/net revenues from acquired loan portfolios3,0063,302 9471,040 
Lending to credit institutions00
Lending to the public--
Bonds and other securities-2-1
Receivables, Group companies-582660 
Total other interest income-2581665 
of which, interest income from financial assets measured at amortized cost calculated using the effective interest method3,0063,304 1,5291,702 
Interest expense  
Deposits from the public-212-257 -212-257 
of which, deposit guarantee scheme expenses-30-34 -30-34 
Debt securities issued-259-229 -201-166 
Subordinated debts-33-33 -33-33 
Derivatives-24-10 -24-10 
Other interest expenses-46-53 -48-55
Total interest expenses-574-582 -518-521 
of which, interest expense from financial liabilities not measured at fair value through profit and loss-550-572 -493-510 
Net interest expenses2,4312,726 1,0101,184 

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