Note 6 – Fee and commission income

Revenues from fee and commission income relates to revenues from contracts with customers. The Group provides debt collection services through call centers for third parties and the majority of customers operates within the financial industry. Under these contracts, the Group is entitled to a remuneration that corresponds to a fixed percentage of collections.

The Group can also be entitled to a bonus payment if the collections for a period reaches a certain level. A contract can also include a termination fee. The majority of the contracts have no fixed end-date, but continue until further notice.

 GroupParent Company
SEK m2020201920202019
Revenues from servicing93 1205
Bonus fees1-
Total93 1215

Service revenues for remaining performance obligations
Expected service revenues for residual maturity, per year.

SEK m2021202220232024
Revenues from servicing1197

Service revenues for the Parent Company derive from the German, Belgian and France branch offices. See Note 3 ”Segment reporting” for revenue distribution.

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