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Selected Global Sustainable Development Goals (SDG)

Hoist Finance General Management Team worked through the SDG's, applied them to our value creation model and chose to prioritize five of them: number 3, 9, 10, 13 and 17. A process to integrate those targets into the new sustainability strategy has also been initiated this year.

One Hoist Finance Sustainability Strategy

We have chosen to align our sustainability efforts around four pillars and integrate them into our core business, to ensure they are part of our DNA. In addition, we will starting 2020 integrate the follow-up of our goals and targets into our existing business review process, on a quarterly basis. This will allow us to ensure full transparency moving forward.

Ambassadors selected

To ensure local anchoring and integration of sustainability into our operations, local sustainability ambassadors were appointed in 2019. They represent all different functions of the company.

Signatory Global Compact

The UN Global Compact provides a universal language for corporate responsibility and provides a framework to guide all businesses regardless of size, complexity or location. To further strengthen the sustainability efforts, Hoist Finance became a signatory of Global Compact in October 2019. This will support our work going forward when it comes to implementing and communicating our sustainability strategy.

Societal engagement – Financial Inclusion

Financial exclusion is a growing pan-European challenge, receiving increasing attention from governments and the financial sector. Hoist Finance strives to enable a society with a financial ecosystem where everyone is included, based upon sustainable and healthy credit markets that are open for everyone. We also contribute to and deliver a positive impact on our local communities by supporting new innovation and development of financial inclusion. Our work within this area will focus on supporting our customers and their reintroduction into the financial ecosystem. Concrete measurable targets will be developed within the context of concrete initiatives together with partners.

Customer needs

An important part of the aspects collected from our employees was to build and develop our understanding of our customers' needs. It was decided to leverage on the processes already in place, such as the customer complaints process and the customer satisfaction monitoring process.

Education and workshop sessions in all management teams – both country and group functions

With the objective to align our views around sustainability and why it is important for us, a group-wide educational effort around sustainability was conducted during the spring 2019. The educational part was combined with collaborative work sessions to collect the most important aspects for Hoist Finance to focus on, according to our employees. The result from this process is a robust sustainability framework with goals and measurable indicators, including a strengthened governance model of the sustainability area.

Stakeholder engagement process and strategy

During the past two years, we have conducted a wide stakeholder dialogue process to serve as a basis for our materiality analysis. This has been presented in previous annual reports. We have identified several areas for improvement in this process and step one was to develop a more detailed stakeholder interaction strategy, to better allow us to target our dialogues at different stakeholder groups. Starting 2020, we will conduct our stakeholder dialogues, with the new strategy and engagement process as a base and have more of a continuous dialogue using existing channels whenever possible.

NASDAQ ESG Transparency Partner

Hoist Finance is part of Nasdaq's ESG portal and regarded as a NASDAQ Transparency Partner. The portal captures a wide range of actionable environmental, social and corporate governance data.

Updated sustainability policy

Our new policy has taken a more principle-based and stakeholder perspective.

Signatory CSR Europe Call to Action

During 2019, Hoist Finance signed the CSR Europe Call to Action for a New Deal for Europe. This Call to Action was presented to the European Commission, the Council of the European Union and the European Parliament on December 5, 2019. This is the largest group of CEO's ever mobilized in Europe. The message to the politicians and policymakers is clear: European business is mobilised for sustainability and ready for collaboration.

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