Sustainability Management 

Stakeholders and materiality

Understanding the perspectives of our stakeholders is critical to identifying and managing our priorities. By continuously engaging with multiple stakeholders in all markets and developing our processes, we ensure that our sustainability strategy is built on the non-financial aspects that are most material to our stakeholders. Read more on our stakeholder engagement process and our materiality matrix here.

Sustainability policy and other supporting policies

Our Group Sustainability Policy govern our sustainability efforts. The policy, reviewed annually, includes principles for each stakeholder group and demonstrates Hoist Finance’s commitment to integrate sustainability aspects in all areas of our daily business, including environmental issues, human rights, social issues, employees, and anti-corruption. All new employees are trained on the Sustainability Policy through an e-learning, which is planned to go out annually to all employees from 2022 and forward. Other corporate policies and instructions that are vital for governing ESG issues are found on our website and outcomes of these policies, such as their contribution to sustainability objectives, are followed up regularly through our business review process.

Furthermore, our Supplier Code of Conduct, which governs our suppliers’ adherence to environment, social and governance (ESG) issues and ethical business, builds on the UN Global Compact principles, the International Labour Organization’s Declaration of Fundamental Principles and Rights at Work, the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, and the United Kingdom Modern Slavery Act. 

Sustainability as part of our governance model

Board of Directors (BoD)

The Board of Directors is the highest governing body and oversees the sustainability strategy. Decides on our sustainability work and progress at least annually. Its committee RACO (Risk and Audit Committee) provides advice, counsel and recommendations on key sustainability matters.

Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Primary responsibility for managing and executing the sustainability strategy rests with the CEO with the support from the Executive Management Team (EMT).

Business Ethics and Sustainability Commitee (BESC)

A forum providing recommendations to the EMT on sustainability and ethical issues. Makes precedential decisions and gives guidance and supervision to the organisation on matters relating to ethical dilemmas, environmental, social, human rights, human resources and customer matters. Headed by the CEO and convenes four times a year.

Sustainability function

Develops the sustainability strategy and supports deliveries on set KPIs in collaboration with operational and functional units.

Sustainability Ambassadors

Country Management

Responsible for developing local activity plans and delivering on the strategy and KPIs. Integration and execution into daily management is secured through the quarterly Business Review process. Responsible for managing and developing impact and communicating with the sustainability function.

Functional units

Responsible for integrating and executing on set sustainability strategy and KPIs. Supporting sustainability integration into decision making processes.

Sustainability ambassador network

Hoist Finance’s Sustainability Ambassador Network was launched during 2020 and meets monthly. The network consists of 23 Ambassadors representing all markets and functions across our organisation. The purpose of the network is to leverage on Hoist Finance’s sustainability strategy across the organisation. It is a channel for sharing best practices and serves as a communication- and feedback loop between the Sustainability Function and the various markets.

The Sustainability Ambasador network helps us to become more aware of the importance of our daily impact on financial inclusion and enables us to align local activities with the sustainability strategy.


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