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Our commitment

Hoist Finance’s environmental footprint is not considered to be material by most stakeholders. However, with only eight years to make Agenda 2030 a reality and with demanding urgency to reach the 1.5-degree target of the Paris Agreement, we are strongly committed to minimize our environmental footprint and mitigate climate-related risks, which is also associated with reduced costs and lower business risks.

Minimimized emissions, reduced costs and focus on compliance

Today, Hoist Finance’s largest direct negative environmental impact consists of the energy use in our offices, our business travel, and letters sent to our customers. During 2021 we have increased our efforts to strengthen our sustainability data quality. With a new digital solution, we manage and analyse emissions better than ever before, which also allows for reduced costs. Our improved data quality is moreover vital to comply with current and upcoming climate related regulations. This year, you find Hoist Finance’s first EU Taxonomy reporting in the Sustainability Reporting Section.  

 Press selected goals in the table below to read more about our activities in 2021. Find the progress tracking for our indicators 2021 in the Sustainability Reporting Section
Find our goals for 2022 in the Sustainability Startpage. Read more about our SDG goals and targets and UN Global Compact Principles on our website

Our Goals 2021SDGsOur Indicators 2021UNGC PrincipleSelection of  Governing Documents
Reduce indirect and direct CO2 emissionsReduce CO2 emissions by 30% compared to 2019.
Continous reduction in energy consumption combined with intention to move all bought energy to renewable sources.

Principle 7, 8, 9Sustainability Policy
Reduce paper consumptionMigrate 10% of letters to digital.

Principle 7, 8, 9Sustainability Policy
Reduce business risks connected to climate changeFurther develop database to include climate change related risks in all markets with secured portfolios.

Principle 7, 8, 9Sustainability Policy

Testimonials & Stories

Below, find stories of local activities 2021 related to our environmental objectives and targets.

Tom’s idea reduced costs and enhanced sustainability

To achieve efficient sustainability management and deliver on our targets we are reliant on employee engagement to lower our emissions. Tom Eldering works with documentation management in our Duisburg office in Germany and manages all files and documents in our storage. Due to regulatory requirements our storage is quite extensive. Lately, Tom established a new storage concept. His idea was to dissolve title folders and integrate them into a modern “open shelving” system, which saved 500 grams of clear film per folder and is a more sustainable-, efficient- and cost saving solution than the previous system. Tom’s initiative is a perfect example of how we can deliver on our targets on a day-to-day basis.

Solar self-sufficiency in Lecce

In 2018, Hoist Finance installed solar cells in our Lecce office in Italy, which was part of an initiative to create a green building. The solar cells occupy a surface of 15 square meters on the Lecce office rooftop and are a great way to lower our carbon footprint as well as our costs. Between 2018 and 2021, the solar cells produced 295 Mwh of energy and allowed for 119 ton of CO2 savings. 

Paul’s contract reviews minimise CO2 emissions

Paul Brady is the Office Manager at our Manchester office in the UK. Paul has gone the extra mile to deliver on our sustainability strategy and reduce our negative environmental impact. Among other things, Paul reviews all contracts with suppliers annually to ensure increased financial and environmental value as well as improved service delivery. Within this process, choosing local suppliers is important to reduce travel distances and corresponding CO2 emissions.

In 2021, Paul reviewed the confidential waste collection process and reduced its frequency appropriately, which led to cut costs, reduced transportation with 75 per cent and minimised CO2 emissions. With fewer people in the office during Covid-19, Paul revised equivalent processes also for washroom services, cleaning services, and document storage collection. Furthermore, he encouraged the lift maintenance company, based 70 kilometers away, to use a local subcontractor for maintenance, which reduced travel time and CO2 emissions and brought increased service value.

Eco Hoist Heros clean up Wroclaw

During Earth Day 2021 – also known as Ditch Day in Poland – our Wroclaw office in Poland engaged in cleaning up the city’s green areas. All participants were supplied with an “Eco Hoist Hero package” containing gloves, rubbish bags and a pin, and spent four hours cleaning together with their colleagues during work hours. The Earth Day clean-up was a great way to increase awareness and engagement for our environmental targets. Also, during the Covid-19 pandemic, it was a welcomed feature to spend time with colleagues and reduce stress.

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