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Our Commitment

Our materiality matrix demonstrates that our stakeholders consider the customer dimension to be most material for Hoist Finance. In practice, this means treating customers fairly and with respect, and that we strive to understand their individual circumstances and the threat of them being excluded access to affordable financial services.

Financial inclusion is a growing pan-European challenge. Already before the pandemic, one third of European households were considered financially fragile and unable to meet unexpected expenses. When you are financially excluded, you often have no access to affordable financial services and it can therefore be challenging to build a credit record, open a savings account, meet unexpected changes, and even gaining an employment or a rental lease.

Hoist Finance contributes to a healthy financial ecosystem by helping customers to get out of bad debt through customised support. In practice, this means for example to provide customers with repayment plans that they can afford, improved digital solutions, setting practices to help especially vulnerable customers, and forming shared value collaborations to support customers. Our success in helping customers to get out of problematic debt depends on our ability to build trust. This requires a great amount of sensitivity and respect to what can often be a challenging situation for the customer. In all customer interactions, we therefore focus on meeting customers on their terms with the ambition to arrive at amicable agreements.

 Press selected goals in the table below to read more about our activities in 2021. Find the progress tracking for our indicators 2021 in the Sustainability Reporting Section. 
Find our goals for 2022 in the Sustainability Startpage. Read more about our SDG goals and targets and UN Global Compact Principles on our website

Our Goals 2021SDGsOur Indicators 2021UNGC PrincipleSelection of  Governing Documents
Business partner satisfaction80% of client banks will rate Hoist Finance as top three in the market.Principle 1, 2, 10Code of Conduct, Sustainability Policy
Excellence in customer experience Implement CSAT in three customer touchpoints in all markets and all segments. Have a CSAT dashboard in place by end of year.Principle 1, 2, 10Code of Conduct, Sustainability Policy
Digital channel development for improved servicing 
  • 30% digital collection rate.
  • 95% satisfaction rate in 2021.
Principle 1, 2, 9Code of Conduct 
Forming external collaborations with organisations that have new innovative ideas for increased financial inclusionEstablish 1-2 impact partnerships.Principle 1, 2, 10Sustainability Policy

Testimonials & Stories

Below, find testimonials and stories of activities carried out in 2021 to help our customers back to financial inclusion.

Testimonial: Maxime Pekkip

Maxime Pekkip is Hoist Finance’s Engagement and Inclusion Project Manager, located in our Lille office in France. During 2021, he initiated two French pilot projects designed to learn more about our customers’ circumstances, enabling us to offer them advice and resources catered to their specific needs. This is a concrete step toward our commitment to financial inclusion.

Can you describe the projects in brief?

The Budget QualCo project is focused on receiving additional monthly budget information for French customers. This allows us to better negotiate fair repayment plans that allow each individual to keep their commitments without compromising on their quality of life.

The Parcours 3 project originates from our customer profiles. We discovered that our overindebted customers benefit from coaching in order to access the appropriate products and services. Without the right information, they often stay stuck in precarious situations as they are unaware of their full social benefit entitlements and/or do not have access to proper financial services. 

How will these projects help inform Hoist Finance’s sustainability strategy?

Through the analysis of our customers’ income and expenses, we have a better understanding of their situations and needs. Additionally, an important learning from Parcours 3 is that after receiving adapted coaching and personal advice, our customers’ financial situations tend to improve as well as their ability to get in control of their debts.

Digital Stories for improved customer experience

Personalised Payment Plan

During 2021, Hoist Finance introduced a Personalised Payment Plan for those customers who feel overwhelmed and confused as to what action to take. The Personalised Payment Plan uses data to propose a suitable, affordable monthly payment amount and duration. Today, this service is available in our self-service portal in Germany and shortly also in Poland. However, customers can also choose our customisable payment plan or opt to pay balance in full, which gives the customer control over their situation.


PayPal is the world’s biggest online payment system. It handles everything from online money transfers, checks and money orders and is now available on Hoist Finance’s self-service portal in Germany. Introducing PayPal to the Self-service portal provides customers with a new convenient option to pay off their debts. The fact that PayPal is the world’s biggest online payment system encourages engagement and trust.

Petra supports Team U to create shared value for Hoist Finance

Team U is a social enterprise based in Germany. Their objective is to support SMEs in financial difficulties through preventative care, crisis support, and recovery. Hoist Finance and TEAM U entered a partnership in 2020 where Hoist Finance supported Team U in building a digital platform to achieve a nationwide reach. Part of the objectives with our partnership has been to support Team U in their development by sharing our know how in working with the SME segment and at the same time for Hoist Finance to gain a deeper understanding of the target group from Team U. During the year we have advised our customers in need of additional support to contact Team U for coaching, which led to cases where Team U helped Hoist Finance’s customers to find a sustainable solution to their situation and arrange a payment arrangement with us. In 2021, Hoist Finance furthermore supported Team U to hire their volunteer Petra. 

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