Forming external collaborations

Impact Collaborations to create shared value

To create a greater value in the area of financial inclusion we collaborate with relevant stakeholders across our markets. Hoist Finance believes that collaboration for improved impact can create a win, win, win situation – win for our customers, our partners, our business and thus society. Sharing aspired outcomes, forming common indicators, and measuring results is the way to mutually create value. Below you find more information on two of our collaborations.

TEAM U & AppJobs

TEAM U is a social enterprise based in Germany, with the purpose to support SMEs and individuals in financial difficulties through preventative care, crisis support, and recovery. Hoist Finance entered a partnership with TEAM U in 2020 with the objective to share our know how in working with the SME segment while gaining a deeper understanding of the target group from TEAM U. During 2021 we have referred our customers in need of additional support to TEAM U for coaching, and TEAM U has helped Hoist Finance’s customers to find a sustainable solution to their situation and arrange a payment arrangement with us. In return, Hoist Finance supported TEAM U in building a digital platform to achieve nationwide reach. We also supported TEAM U to hire their volunteer, Petra. 

Attila and Petra from Team U. 

Hoist Finance are also collaborating with AppJobs in the UK, France, Spain and Italy. AppJobs is a comprehensive online platform that connects job seekers to Gig economy job opportunities. Through this collaboration Hoist Finance can better help customers in financial difficulties to access a job, while AppJobs increases their customer base.

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