We uphold the highest ethical standards

Our commitment

Human rights and strong ethical standards are a core part of all business that we conduct. Our ethical standards apply to all Hoist Finance’s stakeholders. In this section you find information on our processes for issues related to human rights and business ethics. Find information regarding our management and governance model for ESG issues here. Find our Corporate Governance structure in the Corporate Governance Report.

 Press selected goals in the table below to read more about our activities in 2021. Find the progress tracking for our indicators 2021 in the Sustainability Reporting Section
Find our goals for 2022 in the Sustainability Startpage. Read more about our SDG goals and targets and UN Global Compact Principles on our website

Our Goals 2021SDGsOur Indicators 2021UNGC PrincipleSelection of Governing Documents
Strong customer integrity processes100% of staff trained in data protection and how to treat personal data.Principle 1, 2, 10Code of Conduct, Sustainability Policy, Privacy Policy, Personal data retention guidelines, personal data breach guidelines
Robust framework on anti-corruption practices.
  • Create a HOFI anti-corruption index.
  • 100% of employees to undergo anti-corruption training.
  • 100% of employees to undergo AML training.
Principle 1, 2, 10Code of Conduct, Sustainability Policy, Conflicts of Interest Policy, Whistleblowing Policy, AML Policy
Sustainable and local sourcing.100% of new suppliers above certain size screened according to sustainable procurement practices (ESG) in all markets.Principle 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10Code of Conduct, Sustainability Policy, Procurement Guidelines, Supplier Code of Conduct

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