Robust framework on anti-corruption practices

Anti-corruption and conflicts of interest

Hoist Finance has a crucial role to prevent, monitor, manage and enforce measures related to corruption and conflicts of interest. We have an extensive anti-corruption framework which entails guidelines on how the company are to conduct business responsibly and ethically. To prevent corruption and conflicts of interest, we regularly carry out risk analyses related to corruption risk and all members of the organisation is regularly trained on internal anti-corruption rules and their application. Measures to manage conflicts of interest vary depending on the nature of the risk.

Anti-money laundering

Hoist Finance is committed to identifying and managing money laundering-, terrorist financing and sanctions risks. Hoist Finance’s is working on strengthening the company group’s defence against money laundering, terrorist financing and sanctions risk. The preventive work is being developed to adapt to the evolving regulation, terrorist risks and criminal behaviour patterns. Preventative measures include continuous customer due diligence and transaction monitoring. In areas with increased exposure, we have enhanced processes in place ensuring that potential suspicious activities are reported to relevant authorities. Furthermore, all customers are screened daily against applicable sanction lists, and all employees receive anti-money laundering training annually.

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