Continuously understanding customer needs

Our vision and mission is to be by our customers' side and to help them keep their commitments. We take great pride in our humane and empathic process in working together with our customers to find solutions that are adjusted to their unique situations. Our experience is that this is not only good for the customers but also for our business. By creating long term relationships, meeting the customers where they are with empathy and understanding we tailor our solutions according to their situation.  Keeping to our values, vision and mission, we have found that our ability to collect has improved over time.

Customer satisfaction surveys 

In difficult times, and in light of the pandemic, it is even more important to monitor and hold ourselves accountable towards our promise.  During the year we have developed a customer satisfaction management process. The process is designed to continuously measure the manage customer satisfaction and perceptions throughout the entire customer journey. This is complementary to the regular quality assurance framework. 

To prioritise what and when to measure customer satisfaction we developed a customer touchpoint journey for both unsecured and secured customers. These maps are the foundation for our customer satisfaction measurement prioritisations.

See illustration of our Customer Journey for Unsecured

See illustration of our Customer Journey for Secured

The business benefits of a robust customer satisfaction measurement framework and process are:

  • To set a One Hoist group standard for all markets enabling us to track, compare and consolidate results. 
  • To understand the customer experience and needs over time and adapt our service development accordingly.
  • To understand what we do well and where we need to improve, allowing us to allocate our resources accordingly. 
  • To create trust with customers, increasing their propensity to pay.
  • To ensure that we deliver on our vision and mission.
  • To build trust with external stakeholders by enabling greater transparency around how customers perceive us.

Only had fantastic service from your staff. You should be proud of the way your staff help and above all understand people

I have been with you for 2 years, what I love is that you are not pressing people with calls once the sum is agreed and it is also good you can do everything online... and being flexible with the payment amounts. 

Helped me reduce my debt massively with easy, bite sized weekly payments that I could easily afford. One of the better collection agencies out there.

Debt resolution process overview

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