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This is Hoist Finance’s fourth integrated sustainability report, presented annually each accounting year, in accordance with the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) Sustainability Reporting Guidelines, Standard Core option. Our sustainability reporting covers all of our operations, unless otherwise stated. The scope of the sustainability report is presented in the GRI-index below. 

The most recent sustainability report was issued in March 2021. The table of contents found in the GRI-index contains all standard disclosures and the specific disclosures that have been identified as the most relevant to our long-term sustainability targets. 

Please contact Group Head of IR, Andreas Lindblom with questions concerning sustainability. 

Our statutory sustainability report for 2020, pursuant to the Annual Accounts Act, is included in this statutory annual report.

Reference to statutory annual report and sustainability report

The statutory annual report comprises pages 7-9, 21-36, 40-49 and 80-160. The statutory sustainability report in accordance with the Swedish Annual Accounts Act (ÅRL) is included in the statutory annual report and comprises pages 7–9, 21–36 and 40-49.

Key metrics

20202019  2018
We contribute to an inclusive financial ecosystem   
Customer experience, %-14)74 1) 79
We uphold the highest ethical standards
Number of confirmed incidents
We create a great place to work (scores in GPTW-survey)
TRUST-index, %776861
Diversity, %918985
Wellbeing, %846862
We combat climate change   
Energy consumption within the organisation, kWh820,386 7)1,873,049 2)2,688,076 3)
Direct CO2 emissions, Metric tonnes411093 4)
Indirect CO2 emissions, Metric tonnes264 7)1,107 2) 1,607 3)
Indirect emissions per sq. m. office space, Metric tonnes0.02 7)0.08 2)0.10 3)
Other indirect GHG emissions, Metric tonnes332 8)1,4061,309 5)
Other indirect emissions per employee, Metric tonnes0.2 8)0.9 0.9 5)
Total amount of sent letters to customers, “Baseline”10,780,478N/AN/A

1 The quality of the customer satisfaction reporting has improvde during 2019.
2 Excluding BENE, Greece and Poland.
3 Excluding BENE, Greece, London and Spain.
4 Excluding Poland, which is the only market where we have company cars.
5 Excluding Greece and Spain.
6 Excluding London, Spain, Greece
7 Excluding BENE, Greece, London
8 Excluding BENE, London
9 Excluding Greece
10 Excluding London and Greece
11 Excluding BENE, London, Spain
12 Excluding BENE, London, Germany, Spain, Romania, UK, Poland, Stockholm
13 Excluding Polans, UK, Germany, Greece & Spain
14 During 2020 we have redesigned our approach to customer experience measurement and changed our process. The previous measurement was therefore discontinued during 2020.

Overview of activities during 2020

Our GoalsOur Indicators and Commitments 2020Achievements  2020 Our Progress
Reduce indirect and direct Co2 emmissions.

Reduce CO2 Emissions by 10% (direct and indirect) per employee.

  • Group wide travel agency in place.
  • Conversion to green energy supplier in most of our markets.
  • Plastic free offices and recycling implemented.
  • 95% of workforce working from home.
  • Over 500% increase in digital meetings.  


Green dot
Reduce paper consumption.

Reduce amount of letters sent by 10% per customer.

  • Digital customer self-service portals implemented in five markets.
  • Creation of a baseline for number of letters sent per market and type of letters. 
  • Through the implementation of a Rules Engine we have developed a more efficient and standardised approach to our customer contact strategies. 


Green dot
Reduce business risks connected to climate change.Pilot and learn climate change risk assessment on portfolios within the Secured segment.

A new database structure was developed to capture information regarding our secured portfolios (performing and non-performing), a structure based on a framework designed by the EBA. The structure includes information for performance monitoring and regulatory reporting with new automatic valuation tools to drive  environmental risk reports that assesses the susceptibility of the assets to key risks such as flooding, subsidence and other climate-related issues.


Green dot
Excellence in customer satisfaction.To design a One Hoist Finance customer satisfaction management process.

The customer journey touchpoints visualized (unsecured and secured segments) with identified targets for each touchpoint to better understand customer perception throughout the customer journey. The process was tested in France for unsecured and Italy for secured at the end of the year.


Green dot
Digital channel development for improved servicing.
  • Increased shared of collections through digital channels also resulting in increased customer satisfaction. 
  • 20% self-service collection through portals (2019: 15%)
  • Portal customer satisfaction rate 91% (2019: 88%)


Green dot
Forming external partnerships with organisations that have new innovative ideas for increased financial inclusion.
To establish 2-3 partnerships
  • Partnership with Team U formalised.
  • Partnership with ONSBank formalised.

Green dot
Business Partner satisfaction.To implement a systematic continuous partner satisfaction survey.Client bank survey launched. The questionnaire was sent to more than 80 banks over Europe with a response rate close to 50%. Read about the results here.


Green dot
Employee health and wellbeing.

Annual GPTW survey scores:

  • 70% in employee wellbeing 
  • 85 – 90% score in diversity category 
  • 68% score in TRUST index

We delivered over and above on our Great Place To Work (GPTW) scores. During the year we have worked diligently to support our employees in all markets. Examples of actions during the year:

  • Providing access to preventative health care programs in all markets,
  • Access to mental health support in all markets,
  • Digital Town Hall meetings on local and group level,
  • Incresed communication from management, and much more.


Green dot
Diversity and equal opportunity.

Create groupwide initiatives to improve gender equality in management.

  • We have embedded group-wide policies promoting diversity and inclusion throughout our operations and we encourage suppliers and other business partners to do the same.
  • We ensure all employees have access to parental leave and can return to work, in all markets.
  • A diversity initiative was launched during 2020 to develop a program to be launched in 2021.
  • A working group was created to ensure that our diversity agenda is maintained and activities in place.
  • In all our markets we work to promote equal remuneration for men and women, for work of equal value. In France a new framework to monitor this was launched.


Green dot
Strong customer integrity processes. 

100% of staff trained in data protection and how to treat personal data.

GDPR e-learning launched and completed by 98% during 2020.


Green dot
Robust framework on anti-corruption practises.
  • Transparent reporting on number of confirmed incidents of corruption.
  • 100% of employees to undergo anti-corruption training.
  • No confirmed incidents reported in 2020.
  • E-learnings launched and completed by 98%
  • During 2020 a "Corruption risk assesment survey" was sent to Managers and 10% of employees in all markets, with a response rate of 62%.


Green dot

Sustainable and local sourcing.

100% of new suppliers above a certain size to be screened according to sustainable procurement practices (ESG).
  • Finalized Procurement Guidelines.
  • Implemented Sustainability screening in our new contract management system which will enable us to report on number of suppliers screened moving forward.
  • All new group procurement processes during 2020 were aligned around our sustainability screening process. 


Green dot

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